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          Globalists are those who want to form One World Totalitarian Government.

The UN and the League Of Nations are reported to have been created for the same.Some other,dangerous Globalist bodies are:-


                        This reportedly,EVIL Elite group is responsible for 99% of the happenings in this World!

2.Council On Foreign Relations.

                        This is the first Globalist,body formed in the USA along with the US Federal Reserve[1913].

3.Trilateral Commission.

                        This was originally among the USA,Canada and Japan,in the 50s of the last Century.A similar one has been proposed and mentioned in the recent[July 2011] Indo-US Joint Declaration of the so-called Strategic Dialogue,by Clinton,a Bilderberger, and SM Krishna.

4.Club Of Rome:-

                       Recommends Depopulation,so that a few Elites can enjoy the resources of the World.MM Singh is a member.MM Singh the economic hitman.

5.Many others,like the IMF,the World Bank,World Economic Forum,the UN and its subsidiaries are Globalist bodies.

                       Some reportedly,extremely dangerous Globalists are:-

                       The Rothschilds

                       The Rockefellers

                       MM Singh

                       Bill Gates

                       Henry Kissinger


                       Tony Blair


                       The Clintons

                        Gordon Brown   


                           India is being handed over to the Wall Street Bankers.

Taking advantage of the corrupt regional parties the FDI inn Multibrand retail was passed.

Banking Amendment Bill has been Foreign banks will be allowed.But the Wall Street Bankers will not be able to Trade in Commodtiy Futures,which is repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act.India's sensex rose by 120 points today[18/12/2012] due to this.

The so-called 'land Acquisition Bill' which is a copycat of USA's "eminent Domain" is proposed to be considered in the next session of the Indian Parliament.

In November  2nd half M M Singh was in Cambodia for the 'ASEAN SUMMIT AND RELATED SUMMITS".Obama and Gillard were also there.This is for the notorious Trans-Pacific Partnership,that is being proposed.

In the photo sessions M M Singh was standing near Gillard.Perhaps,he was being praised by his masters Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,Club Of Rome,CFR,Club Of 300 etc.

Another dangerous development,is the formation of "Cabinet Committee For Investment".M M Singh is the Head.By this,M M Singh is slowly being to be a DICTATOR,as he may over-rule the points of many Ministries.And he is NOT EVEN ELECTED by POPULAR VOTE!

To be continued............