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Wall Street Bankers Use Globalization To CONTROL Nations                       

         Before the so-called "Globalization",the Wall Street bankers essentially operated in the "WALL STREET"!! And other G7 Nations,Australia,New Zealand ,Japan,Hong Kong etc.

         After Globalization[created by them],they entered the finacial markets of other nations and began to control the Currencies through the Stock markets and NW the notorious,highly leveraged and UNREGULATED Derivatives.

          In the USA they got the Glass-Steagall Act repealed.In India they are trying ti enter Fututres  Trading in Commodities and make the Competition Commission Of india ineffective against them.For now,they have been thwarted.

          On 18/12/2012,the banking Amendment Bill was passed without allowing the above two.

           The Wall Street bankers,want to bew above International Law!!!       

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