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  The Tricks Of The Globalists

           Since the aim of the Globalists, is One World Totalitarian Government,which will be opposed by the laymen,the former use many tricks to mainly WEAKEN the OPPOSITION,which are the ethnic and religious majority of any nation,by making life miserable for them,using the Government Machinery,where their PLANTs[In India MM Singh is suspected to be PLANTED by the IMF,and an Italian Woman Spy by the erstwhile USSR's KGB] have been placed.They CREATE problems so the "THE SOLUTIONS",will create ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.The Global Economic Collapse is but one among the many serious ones in their arnoury:-

1.Stealing their wealth,using Fractional Reserve banking, ILLEGAL and Unconstitutional Laws[!],Bills,electronic means and high Inflation,Land Grab,stealing and transferring Gold to Foreign Countries and International Banks,Mega-Corruption like the Coal and 2 G spectrum scams etc. India seems to have been cheated TWICE regarding the Gold with the Reserve Bank Of India.

2.Taxing them heavily.

3.Create food shortages.Industrialize and use fertile food-producing land for the same and Real Estate.

4.Deny living space by dislocating them.

5.Create disunity using religious,ethnic and other clashes,using Gladio-type techniques.

6.FAVOUR THE MINORITIES OVER THE MAJORITY.Ignore Majority Rule Minority Rights,but encourage,Minority Rule and Minority Rights.Show the Majority in a poor light using all forms of Media.Immigration[in the USA] and Multiculturalism[in Europe and Britain] is this and nothing more!     

7.Destroy the culture and ethnicity of the majority by violence,depopulation and cultural invasion[revealing dress,food,drugs,sex,alcoholism,thought and outlook,Conversions etc.].DESTROY THE FAMILY,the basic entity for UNITY among the HUMANS.Encourage single motherhood,Homosexuality,Atheism,Disobedience and questioning elders of the family,and negative outlooks on life in general.

8.Infiltrate and dominate all Government  Machinery and Bureaucracy by hook or crook,mainly by the latter,like bribes,sex,intimidation,blackmailing etc.Start campaigns with Media Houses.In India,Coca-Cola has joined NDTV and JP Morgan[Chase] the Times Of India.

9.Use SURVEILLANCE to enslave the Citizens.False Flag Terror Attacks are the usual methods for using "THE FEAR [CREATED] AS KEY".

10.Privatize everything and misuse Derivatives to Bankrupt  Nations.

To be continued......