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Gladio Type Of Operations In India.

In order to prevent the popular Italian left from occupying power in Italy,in the 60s of the last century,reportedly,the CIA and NATO resorted to Operation Gladio,using extreme and emotionally shocking violence,on the general population,and blaming the Italian Left for the same.

Gladio type False Flags are on in India from at least the time of Godhra,if not earlier.The "regime change",as observed by MM Singh in Bengal,2011 is a specific example.

The CIA[and hence the Globalists] seems especially interested in having the Indira Congress party in power in India,and its hand is suspected in the following,which have the Gladio-type signature of the CIA:-

1.Godhra,where, first,about 58 Hindu pilgrims,conisiting Men,women and Children were burnt alive in a train compartment,and the resulting Hindu backlash was exploited for terming Hindus as "anti-Minorities".

2.Singur and Nandigram;-

  After,the "regime change" in India in 2004,the USA found resistance for its so-called,"Indo-US Nuclear Deal" and the Strategic Dialogue, MM Singh signed,with Bush of the USA, for which he did not have the mandate from the Indian Parliament.So a Gladio-type Operation was used in both Singur and Nandigram.Obviously,the CIA is a strong suspect.At the same time,a Bengali Woman leader was groomed and provided media Publicity.Her party trounced the Indian left,in its bastion,Bengal,where the percentage of votes in favour of the latter was almost the same as the Trinamul Congress party.EVM misuse is strongly,suspected in Bengal Elections,2011.

3.Rajasthan Gujjar Agitations in 2008:-

  EVM misuse and CIA involvement is strongly suspected in the 2008 Rajasthan Assembley Elections,where a strongly entrenched BJP was defeated.


   In 2008 an aged Hindu Religious leader,was assassinated by the Christian Maoists[who are,reportedly, supported by the Church and the CIA],in Kandhamal.The resulting backlash by Hindus,was termed,as anti-Minority.The BJP was left without its string ally,the Janata Dal,after this in Orissa. 

5.India's North East:-

  The CIA,Holland and Japan have reported to have resorted to massive conversions of and violence on,the indigenous people here. 


   During the last Assembly Elections,a similar effort was made by the Maoists by kidnapping some Policemen and ultimately killing one of the them.But by now,the people of India seem to have understood the mischiefs of those concerned and the Janata party-BJP combine scored a resounding Victory.


    A similar effort was on in Bhatta-Parsaul,in UP,as Assembly Elections are due in a year's time.Dalit girls,are being raped,injured and murdered,and upper caste Hindus,are being termed anti-Dalit..A clear Gladio clone.

  To be continued.....