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Mumbai Blasts 13th July 2011

      The July 13th,2011, Mumbai blast probe is a damp squib so far.This has happened in July,when the Bohermian Grove meets for Annual "Enjoyment'.The Oslo Massacre and bombing, Mumbai Bombing in 2006,and the London 2005 blasts have also occurred in the month of July.

     There are certain commonalities like the mention of Opera House in the Mumbai and Oslo ones.The Bohemian Grove is also one of revelry and Music[Opera House].In Dadar it has happened in an area where the concentration of Hindus and Muslims is more.Oslo is an attack on Muslims indirectly.There is also a mention of a Christian School,whose name has the word "Antonio".The name of a Woman Leader[of the ruling Coalition] and suspected Spy of foreign origin,is Antonia Maino.The blast occurred after the school hours.Another area where the blasts occurred has more Gujaratis.

      The attack on Oslo was also used by the Indian media to hype the proposed Communal Violence Bill,which will enable a particular Minority Community to dominate the majority Hindus and is similar to the one in the USA[in a different form],where a Minority Community is dominating the Christian in their turn,and the USA's hand is strongly suspected behind this proposed Bill,as the present UPA Government at the Centre,is suspected to be in the iron-grip of the USA and its CIA.