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News About  India :-

1.Huge corruption by the UPA,who blames the previous NDA regime, for all of its[UPA's] mega-scams.

2.UPA is dividing the nation on Communal lines.

3.Maoists are friendly with Trinamul Congress party,a member, of the UPA,at the Centre.

4.Pakistan's Border Area Team,BAT beheads Indian Soldiers.Before the Kargil War also such a thing has taken place.Is this a ritual killing?Is this religious?

5.UPA has made India a Banana Republic.

    Baba Ramdev's followers were severely beaten up and he himself was "humiliated',as he is Leader of the Hindu Swabhiman movement.It is noteworthy that another leader,of the same,Shri Rajiv Dixit was probably poisoned in December 2010.. 

6.Predictive Programming[misusing POLLS] is being resorted to, by the Indian media,under pressure from the Globalists to make one undeserving person the PM of India.What's PP?It is a method using SUGGESTION though audio,video and other media to program or condition the masses to accept a Future Situation in favour of and desired by the PROGRAMMER.It is generally DECEPTIVE and BASED on A LIE or LIES,as otherwise there is no need to use the same.The PROGRAMMER fears that in the NORMAL course,the outcome will be AGAINST him in a FAIR contest like ELECTIONS WITHOUT EVMs, etc.The so-called EXIT POLLS are also a sort of PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING.

7.Whoever is opposing the mega-corruption of the UPA are being targeted.

           As on 3/9/2011,M/s Baba Ramdev[Enforcement Directorate],Kejrival[and his relatives,by IT Dept],Shanti Bhushan[tape of purported,  "conversation with Amar Singh",by Delhi Police,]and Kiran Bedi have been harassed by the UPA Government,misusing the State Machinery.

8.Pranab Mukherjee resorted to artificial aggression during:-

i.Anna Hazare's arrest and prior to the Hunger Strike by the Gandhian. 

ii.An International Meeting In Delhi around 15/9/2011,on the need for Global Action.


       Bomb blasts occurred in Delhi HC at 18 50 Hrs,approximately.13 died as on 15/9/2011.


         The Italian Woman returned from the USA after about a month-long stay.On 10/9/2011 the proposed communal violence Bill,the brainchild of this Woman's NAC was discussed in and strongly opposed by the majority in the National Integration Council,including the TMC,a member of the UPA at the Centre. 

11.Possible False Flags[as these started,soon after the arrival of the Italian Woman from the USA ] for the proposed Communal Violence Bill,occurred in September-October,2011.

i.Ramanathapuram,Tamil Nadu




v,The burning of the s-11 Coach of the Tamil Nadu express in Nelllre

vi)Violence between Bodo Indigenous Assamese and the Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.


           The "official birthday" of the Italian Woman.About 90 people died in the AMRI Hospital,Bengal. 


           M M Singh,returned after a 3-day tour of Russia,after signing 5 Agreements the most significant of which is the joint production and Technology  transfer for the manufacture of 42 Sukhois.

To be continued............